Balance the Energy Within You


Energy Balancing

& Diamond Meditation

2 hr workshop / pricing varies on group size

Feel the shift within as we begin this experience with a pairing of personalized Aromatherapy & Renewing Yin Yoga. Release that which no longer serves you as we dive deep into the denser tissues & emotional blocks practicing Mindful Breathing with the “Four Phases” of resistance stretching. Together we synchronize the body, mind & spirit with white light meditation, while Herkimer diamonds are used to clear each of these energy centers, known as the Chakras. Leave this experience feeling anchored within a peaceful body, mind, heart and soul.   *No prior yoga experience needed.

The Power of Three

A New Way of Knowing

2 hr workshop / pricing varies on group size

When the energy flowing through you is strong, you are healthy and strong. Synchronize the body, mind and spirit with a pairing of personalized aromatherapy and white light meditation. Release to renew your life, your career, and your future by clearing the Seven Energy Sites within. Then open your mind to a new way of knowing by connecting with your intuitive instincts. *No prior yoga experience needed.

Spiritual Alignment

& Mindful Meditation

2 hr workshop / pricing varies on group size

Experience the wonders of a Spiritual Alignment. Simply rest, breath, and meditate, while Heather clears the seven Energy Centers, known as the Chakras. Aligning the energy centers, ensures the energy flowing throughout the body is positive and that you are open to experience a new way of knowing. Together receive the information needed to move through life with confidence and grace, as Heather uses her vast clairvoyant skills to teach you how to sharpen your own intuition. During this experience, everyone in the group receives guidance from their Angels, and Spirit Guides, And are given the opportunity to ask one to two questions.


- Experience a New Way of Knowing -

Energy Balancing & Diamond Meditation
Sunday, May 19th, 6:30-8:30PM at Yoga Sakti
$50 per session

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