The Power of Three

Hope Yoga

“I now feel I have designed a style of yoga that feels inclusive to both the Average Joe and seasoned students, ” she proudly observes. Heather customizes her private sessions and classes by applying her intuitive skills. “By listening to my heart and my gut when teaching, I can heal and provide my clients with what they need to be and feel their best.”

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Intuitive Offerings & Energy Balancing

When we thread ourselves to the natural pause as part the rhythm of our breath, we clear the mind of any self-defeating chatter, we then open the heart and tune into our own intuition. At the beginning of any of her Intuitive session offerings, Heather invites her clients to take a moment to pause with the breath and release stress and expectation. Wonder is soon to follow.

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“My mantra as an elementary art teacher is that there’s never a mistake in art… rather, an opportunity to turn it into something new or what it was meant to be. That’s how I paint. Painting for me, is much like yoga, surfing, and sailing. I harness the creative energy within me and around me… and simply let the practice lead me.”

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- Experience a New Way of Knowing -

Energy Balancing & Diamond Meditation
Sunday, May 19th, 6:30-8:30PM at Yoga Sakti
$50 per session

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