A lifetime artist, art teacher and student, Heather’s paintings represent the many sides of herself. “I hang all my paintings in my home to live with, to view, to see in different lights. This process can take years, months or just weeks. Then the day comes, when I gaze upon it knowing, it’s complete. Its journey, its transformation has come to an end. Its ready to simply be enjoyed. Knowing my paintings are hanging in homes, adding beauty to someone else’s personal space is one of my greatest joys. Painting feeds my soul.”

ARTkarma was founded in 2010, when a yoga client was taken with a painting of Heather’s that was hanging in her home studio and asked to purchase it. Practicing the philosophy “you have to give to get”, Heather donated a percentage of the sales from that first painting to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. During ARTkarma’s first year, Heather raised enough funds to donate additional funds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Heather continues to raise money for cancer research and other charities through the sale of her artwork.

Energy Abstracts

Energy Abstracts are visual representations of an awakening of the energy sites within, known as the Chakras. These sites are seen on the canvas as the colors of the rainbow. Each of the colors is a representation of the emotions connected to each Chakra. Red: security & acceptance. Orange: personal depth & sensuality. Yellow: energy & purpose. Green: peace & compassion. Turquoise: self expression. Indigo: insight into one self. Violet: surrender to bliss.

Transformation Rains

Transformation Rains is a visual representation of an individuals life journey. The solid circles seen on the canvas serve as protection through life, while the hollow circles represent our ability as individuals to transcend to higher realms of personal growth. The cross hatch is used to create a painting within a painting. Some paintings may have a dozen or more paintings within each one, representing the constant transformation of our own lives.

Classic Coastal

Classic Coastal paintings represent my lighter side, painting images that remind me of both the New England & California coast.  The Plaid paintings are made of a layering of paint. Twenty or more layers of paint is used to create each coastal image. I also use the Stippling technique when painting combined with wood dowels to provide texture. After the image is created, the canvas is then distressed to create that beautifully worn seaside look.

Now Available

Children’s Books by Heather

Heather’s new children’s books, “Popcorn” and “My Cow Blue,” are now available for purchase on Amazon! Learn more about these fun stories and Heather’s passion for writing and illustrating for children here »

Heather's Books