“Heather’s intuitive angel readings provide clarity and motivation whenever I am feeling stagnant, confused or unsure of myself. She is exceptionally gifted in her ability to receive and transmit information from a higher realm. So much of what Heather presented in my readings has come true. Her gift, coupled with her own wisdom and compassion, makes her an invaluable source of guidance, inspiration and hope.”
– Julianne
West Hollywood, CA

“Heather, after my Energy Clearing & Meditation I felt so tranquil. I donʼt know how you did it, but the stress that had been building in my chest and throat has disappeared. Thank you doesnʼt seem like enough.”
– Eileen
Beverly, MA

“I was in the process of becoming a partner in an existing Engineering Company. I used Heather Tharpe intuitive readings to give me advice on how to proceed with the process. The process took longer than expected and contacted Heather many times to call on her angels to find out what was going on. Heather gave me explanations and a path to follow. I followed her advice and everything turned out as Heather’s intuition predicted. I am now a partner and believe Heather was a main factor in my success.”
– Jim
Danvers, MA

“As a self proclaimed type A personality, yoga was not something I saw myself ever participating in. My archaic 1990’s idea of a solid work out consisted of a step aerobics class or jogging on an incline. If I wasn’t drenched in sweat or out of breath, then I wasn’t exercising. That all changed the first time I rolled out my mat with Heather. In an hour and a half, she was able to melt away years of post operative muscle tension and transport my overactive mind to a state of stillness. I walked away from that first yoga class feeling physically challenged yet emotionally balanced. I was hooked! Years later and still practicing with Heather, I refer to her as my yoga-angel. Her voice still washes over me like a comforting blanket at the beginning of each class. There is an indescribable presence that makes her special. She encapsulates and radiates joy. Because of Heather, I have rebuilt my core both physically and emotionally. My chiropractor is no longer on speed dial and Motrin is used only for the occasional headache. Most importantly I have found that place within me that is worthy of honor. Namaste.”
– Tara
Beverly, MA

“I was so happy to have the privilege of a reading with Heather. I went to see her for a chakra clearing because I was tired and unhappy, just not myself. I had been having different health problems, seeing different doctors with no relief and being sent for test after test. When I got to Heatherʼs house I immediately felt a comfort and calmness settle in as she greeted me and started my session. The chakra clearing was amazing and she knew exactly which areas to focus on without me telling her. The best part came after this when she started a reading and told me things that were not anything I had spoken to anyone about but had thought them and wondered about but was afraid to voice. I was amazed by Heather. It felt like I was just hanging out with my friend, yet when I left there I was so uplifted. Ever since that day I have felt so much better and validated for who I am and what I think. She recommended some books for me which were great and now treasures in my personal library. My health problems resolved themselves as I reflected on what Heather told me. I had friends and family ask me what happened to me as I was happier, healthier and back to my old self after my experience. I am not one to gush and can be a bit of a skeptic; but I can truly say that my experience with Heather was life changing. I have and do highly recommend her to anyone, either open-minded or skeptical. She is an extraordinary, gifted and beautiful soul!”
– Suzy
Beverly, MA

“So glad I took Heather’s class today, she is AMAZING! She has the most fabulous, youthful and positive energy! Thank you!”
– Carla
North Shore, MA

“I just wanted to say thank you to Heather for seeing me. I’m definitely looking at things in a different way. I am trying to be healthy, keeping my eyes open for new job opportunities, paying attention to my surroundings and looking for the signs. Thank you again. See you in December!”
– Jen
South Shore, MA

When I first saw Heather, it was only for a reading, but I ended up doing a chakra clearing as well. It was something I didn’t even know I needed. After our sessions I immediately felt better, lighter, and more positive. It completely changed my outlook on how I was living my life. A year later, after trying and failing at a million different diet plans, Heather introduced me to a new nutrition and wellness program. It has been amazing so far and I feel better than I have in a long time. Now, any time I feel like I need a boost mentally or physically, I call Heather. She is my full on lifestyle guru – from readings and chakra help to health and fitness training. Because of her, I feel like I am on a great path to living a balanced and healthy life!
New York, NY

“I was a clear skeptic when Heather and I started talking about her potential connection with loved ones who had passed.  But, following incredible insights, the peace and comfort that I found was breathtaking.  Heather and I talk a lot about faith, hope and trust.  Three things I am confident many could embrace more actively.  Thank you, Heather.”
New York, NY